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Welcome to the website of KOOL 101.9 FM! We play the greatest hits to have ever graced a microphone, just for you!

And for you early birds, KOOL 101.9 is starting up a brand new morning show from 5 - 9 am starting Monday, March 24! Be sure to check it out, each and every morning! It's guaranteed to brighten up your morning more than any cup of coffee.

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About the broadcaster

Grew up on an Iowa family farm, entered college, and after a year and a half decided a more specific approach to broadcasting was needed and switched to Brown Institute.  Landed the first job in Rapid City then moved around Minnesota, Iowa, and back to Rapid City doing a variety of on air duties and sales.

Then made a career change into commercial solid waste sales for 12 years, then took some time off for health reasons, and now I am back on radio doing  mornings here on KOOL 101.9 and sales at Badlands Broadcasting.  Most of my careers were spent in Rapid City, and based on my travels there is no better place to be.

Music News
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